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TURN THE PAGE is the premier tribute to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. Combining their decades of experience touring and recording, the members of TURN THE PAGE faithfully reproduce the sound and power of Bob Seger's signature American Rock. Other bands may attempt to cover Seger material, but TURN THE PAGE ignites the raw fuel of every note and phrase, allowing the audience to experience the awesome power of this unique, inspiring music.

TURN THE PAGE is fronted by the soaring vocals and guitar work of Sam Morrison, the lead guitar mastery of Steve Cenker, the melodious keyboards of Chris Daniels and is backed by one of the tightest and most powerful rhythm duos on the touring circuit, Greg Kasparian on bass guitar and Bart Robley on drums and percussion. Lending their luscious voices to the mix are studio vocalists Doreen Styles and Mandy Burke, whose harmonies enrich the live experience with the full feel of the original Seger recordings.

TURN THE PAGE is a full concert experience, providing both technical mastery and showmanship that will please any audience member, from the casual music listener to the hardcore rock 'n' roll fan. A simple call to MWE will give you information on how to make TURN THE PAGE a special part of your event.


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