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The RAT PACK...They were the coolest cats of all time...Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Joey Bishop & Peter Lawford, better known as The Rat Pack! They ruled Las Vegas and Hollywood during the 1950's-1960's.

Today, the Rat Pack legacy continues through their music, films, books and The Rat Pack Revue - Tribute Show! It's the most realistic live recreation of your favorite RAT PACK members.  This REUNION is available from Mark Wood Entertainment, Inc. for corporate events and public theatrical performance. You won't believe your eyes and ears as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. come to life in this nostalgic revue. Take a look at these quotes from their incredible reviews ...

"...The most powerful recreation to date...",  "...You're sure to find the looks, charm and charisma that struck a chord with the world forty years ago...",   "...The three men have received worldwide recognition individually, and now, as an electrifying trio..."

Nick D'Egidio with The Dry Martini  Orchestra

Nick D'Egidio was born and raised in southern California by an immigrant Italian family.  At a very young age he found his love of singing and acting while working at his father's Hollywood bakery.

He began his career in film as an actor and later added a few credits as "director".  Taking the stage as a singer he was constantly told of how much he resembled his idol, Frank Sinatra.  Proud and humbled, he wrote Mr. Sinatra and requested permission to perform a "tribute show" to him, permission was granted and Nick began traveling the country as a much requested look-and-sound-alike.

In 1990, Nick set out to create "the ultimate Rat Pack show"'.  Surrounding himself with "the best of the best", The Rat Pack Review has earned it's credit as the premier tribute show to Frank, Sammy and Dean.

His next step was in creating his own band.  In 1998 "The Dry Martini Orchestra" was born.  The group hit the ground running and found themselves on their first record label with a new CD in 2002.  The CD found its way into the hands of Hollywood producers and the song "Almost Like Being in Love" was selected and featured in the Golden Globe and Oscar nominated film "The Cooler".

Nick spends his time writing new songs, touring for both private and public events and promoting his orchestra and new CD.  He tirelessly donates a great deal to charitable causes, offering his orchestra and show for many fundraisers each year, including AIDES foundation, American Heart Association, Susan B. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, Blue Cross and many local military and public service  events.

Nick D'Egidio is available with the original "Rat Pack Review", or enjoy Nick with his Dry Martini Orchestra!  Hiring options include Nick with pianist, Nick with 3-piece orchestra, 6-piece orchestra or 17-23 - piece orchestra!

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