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Over the years Stepping Feet has evolved from a garage band to one of the most sought after cover bands and tribute acts in Southern California.  Whether it's the variety cover show or the Dave Matthews Tribute Show, don't miss this special group of musicians. 


Mike Myrdal and Sam Johnson founded Stepping Feet in 2001 after Mike heard his neighbor Sam practicing the bass one night.  When they first started out, they needed a singer and a drummer to complete their music project.  Each member of the band took turns singing which provided for some entertaining versions of songs.  Shortly after forming and playing a few open mics, Mike & Sam landed their first show.  Without having a band name, they opted for a memorable & humorous name, "Green Eggs & Sam".  That name took for a year or so until a public appearance on the local NBC network let the cat out of the bag.  The folks at Dr. Seuss didn't think their name was funny.  As a result, we had to change our band name to avoid any lawsuits. 

After about a year and a half of performing various cover songs, the band noticed that there was a huge response from the crowd after performing Dave Matthews songs.  Needing a name, but not wanting to be controversial, they chose the name "Stepping Feet "which is an obscure reference to one of Dave Matthew's songs.  With the success Stepping Feet was having, it allowed the band to add a few very talented musicians along the way.  Over the years Stepping Feet has employed a number of talented musicians which allows them to deliver a top quality show no matter who is performing.

They have performed all over the U.S. for private parties, corporate functions, and even weddings.  Stepping Feet has an impressive client list that spans Qualcomm, Callaway Golf, GEHC, Rock-n-Roll Marathon, San Diego Chargers, the SDFD and more! 

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