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Gifted, dynamic and inspiring are words that ring true when one hears singer-songwriter, Robin.  This Billboard-charting phenomenon, who genuinely exhibits a range of four octaves, has a voice that shocks audiences who are always caught on her stunning looks.  As a band leader and performer who is in constant demand due to her love and mastery of diverse musical genres—from Pop to Jazz, Rock to Broadway, Dance to R&B—Robin is widely acclaimed for her electrifying vocal talent and engaging stage presence.  She is a true expert at “reading a room” and knows how to deliver exactly what each client wants.

As an accomplished singer-songwriter, Robin also enjoys success as a studio vocalist, including studio and live performances on David Cassidy’s comeback CD and Oprah Winfrey Show appearance.  She has also written and sung three straight Billboard dance hits.  Most rewarding to Robin is the praise of her band leadership from major clients such as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts—all owed  to her years of experience fronting top society orchestras for some of the world's most successful corporations and high-profile individuals.  Those who have had the pleasure of experiencing Robin agree that she brings something very special to each event.


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