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The Los Angeles-based  "Pretzel Logic - A Steely Dan Revue" has been playing the festival scene, as well as the club circuit in Southern California for the past four years. This "little big band" consists of three vocalists, three horns and a rock solid rhythm section. The group's dedicated members play with a passion the music of Steely Dan, whose legendary hits include: "Reelin' In The Years", "Josie" and "Peg".


The music of Steely Dan crosses many musical boundaries. From jazzy horn lines and smooth vocals to rock guitar licks and funky grooves, their appeal is wide ranging. With an array of mellow songs that ease you into your seat and upbeat tunes that get you dancing, Steely Dan's distinctive sound has an impact on everyone. Pretzel Logic brings the spirit of Steely Dan alive with a powerful show that leaves people buzzing.

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