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Imagine walking into your local 500-seat music venue and happening upon a performance by the Rolling Stones!  They’re all there; Mick is prancing and gyrating, Keith is ripping licks and posing with his trusty, beat-up Telecaster.  Charlie and Bill are laying down the backbeat and (depending on the time of evening) either Brian Jones or Ron Wood rounds out the lineup.  But there’s something amiss; although this incredible scenario has certainly taken place, this isn’t London 1964 but rather, Hollywood 2009.  Put down that pint, mate… and take a closer look. It’s Jumping Jack Flash, the world’s greatest tribute to the Rolling Stones! 


Jumping Jack Flash honors the privilege of re-creating a Rolling Stones live performance by delivering what audiences come to see — the theatrics and power of “the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band" in its prime! Performing song selections from all periods of The Stones' legendary career, you can depend on hearing the hits that you still sing along with in your car (however badly). The greatest care has been given to the smallest details, to ensure that song performance, wardrobe and instrumentation are spot-on re-creations of the real thing. If Jumping Jack Flash can't rock you, nobody will!


Only a lucky few will ever have the resources to (gasp!) hire the real Rolling Stones for their private event or even to buy stage-side tickets, for that matter. So for everyone else, Jumping Jack Flash puts you front row-center at the second most memorable concert of your life- and for a somewhat smaller fee!

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