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DJ Doug has been a DJ in the country music scene for over 15 years. Originally from Texas, Doug grew up listening to the likes of Alabama, Kenny Rogers, George Strait and learned how to two step at the age of 10. DJ Doug started his career in Washington for McCabes Nightclub. He was also part of a local dance team. After moving to California, DJ Doug has been a mainstay at local nightclubs such as Cowboy Country, Incahoots Fullerton, Montanas, and The Ranch. Doug has been asked to DJ at private events and weddings. He has also been selected as the DJ for Southern California events such as the Stagecoach Festival, GoFest and Wagon Wheel. Doug also has formed partnerships and friendships with local country bands such as Brian Lynn Jones and the Misfit Cowboys, Brad Johnson & Killin’ Time, Christian Simmons, the Doo-Wah Riders, and many more.

 Doug’s DJ talent is unique because of his vast knowledge of the dances that belong to country music. Not only can Doug provide the perfect music, but he can also teach you and your guests all of the latest dances. An instructor for over 10 years, Doug’s ability to be a great DJ is fostered by his knowledge of country dance. Doug is great with a crowd, and knows how to make your country event fun and entertaining.

 Let him know what kind of music you like, and he will be sure to bring the party!


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