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Did you know that more than 70% of all doctor visits are stress-related? Would your attendees benefit from a stress-reduction program that produces a healthier and happier mindset? Would they enjoy easy-to-do techniques to improve productivity?

Debbie Barnett uses her dynamic presentation skills to inspire and motivate your attendees to lead healthier, prosperous lives. As the Founder and President of Conscious Flow, Inc., a professional and personal development company, Debbie has been helping business leaders and their families find more meaning and purpose in their lives, improve their communication skills, and increase their business results through her powerful and effective life balance programs.

Debbie's programs will capture her upbeat energy and lead your attendees to discover new ways to stretch past their self-imposed limits
and boundaries. And, Debbie makes her programs fun, too! She includes several yoga and meditation exercises that everyone can do!

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